TWA Canyon
Domingo Baca  Canyon, Sandia Mountain Wilderness

During the night of February 19, 1955, searchlights swept Sandia Mountain as rescuers searched for the crash site of TWA Flight 260. The twin-engine plane slammed into the Dragon's Tooth, a prominent rock spire on the northeast edge of Domingo Baca/TWA Canyon. There were no survivors and 16 lives were lost. The wreckage smoldered for days. The official report stated the probable cause of the crash to be "deviation from the prescribed path for reasons unknown."

Domingo Baca is a beautiful canyon that offers a strenuous hike in the Sandia Mountain Wilderness. Hikers travel to 8,500-feet above sea level with a 2,160 foot gain in altitude. The trail begins at the Elena Gallegos Picnic Area off Tramway Boulevard and passes the site of the airplane accident. Riders on the Sandia Tram pass directly over the site of the crash. 

As you approach the site, you'll see nuts, bolts and screws. Next, pieces of a metal wing with a faded blue number still visible. Five of the passengers were New Mexicans and family members still make pilgrimages to the site. It should be treated as a sacred place.

The round-trip hike to the crash site is eight miles. Poison ivy is plentiful in summer. Continuing on, the trail connects with the La Luz Trail, which continues to the top of Sandia Mountain. For more information, contact the Sandia Mountain Wilderness District @ (505) 281-3304.

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