The Kreonite Processor

The 30 inch Kreonite Color Paper Processor

Prior to the acquisition of the 30 inch continuous print processor,
color prints were processed by hand in trays and or tanks

The newly delivered processor ready to install into the darkroom wall

After removing the 8-ft resin lined sink, the drywall is carefully torn from the wall of the darkroom

View from inside the darkroom, studs still in place

View from print receiving area outside the darkroom, studs removed

Some of the electric components required for connecting the processor to the electrical service

Mission accomplished ...

Finally, the processor installed and working

View from inside the darkroom showing the print 'feed tray' and chemical pumps and filters (below tray)

Processor with one of several 'racks' pulled from its innards

Side view showing the drive chain and gears that would pull the prints from the darkroom feed tray thru a series of chemical tanks and eventually to the print dryer

Top view of the print drying heaters and fans (foreground)

The processor with the sides removed exposing the paper guide racks in their chemical tanks (right) and the forced air print dryer (left)

The jillions of plastic gears, guides and plastic bits exposed to the daylight

At the end of business operation, the beast had to be disassembled
once again for its trip to a new home

The back (or feed) module pulled away from the darkroom wall

Breaking the Processor into its component modules

The front module removed

The middle module removed

The processor has been extracted